Photographs of an Early 1900's HO Scale Town at Christmas

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Jim Campbell Bringing Home the Tree

Bringing Home Christmas Tree

Jim’s wife and daughters are gathered at the window, excitedly awaiting his arrival.  They’ve been popping popcorn in the fireplace to make garlands for the tree.

I had intended to incorporate this old Preiser farm wagon into the town after Christmas, but it seemed a natural to use it for bringing home the tree. I bound the tree with cross stitch thread, and gave Jim red mittens.

Changes in Courthouse Square

Courthouse Square

Courthouse Square

I’m always looking for details to  add dimension to the photographs of Oak Valley.   I  added a small plaza to the back of the courthouse, allowing more room for the audience to gather for  Christmas carols.  I’m debating a small hedge, or small plants, around the plaza.  I also added a statue to the park for a little more interest.   The children love climbing on it!

Pine Street Looking South

I took this a couple of months ago but never posted it.  I like the quiet winter morning view of the shoppers and various activities.

Closed Carriage on Pine Street

This is a very odd couple of drivers, but I hadn’t previously shown this carriage scene at the intersection of Pine and Main Streets.

From The Roof Tops Jan 3

The Shoe Shiners

I took the first photo  in very low light (rainy day) with the village lights on, and the other with a combination of artificial lighting to look more like bright daylight.  This is a Woodland Scenics group, and I had to work on the clothing of the shoe shiners to make them fit with a vintage theme.  I wish the detail on the shoe shine box showed more in the photo, because it’s really nicely detailed with brass foot rests. I don’t know if it shows in the photos, but the customer on the right is holding a cup of coffee.  Nice touch!

Christmas Eve in Oak Valley

Peace on Earth and Good Will To Men.    I couldn’t resist these last evening photographs on Christmas Eve.   I had the oil painting decades before the Christmas village, but always thought they looked lovely together.  On Christmas Day a new group of people will move to Oak Valley, so check back on December 25th! 


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