HO Scale Diorama & Christmas Village

Welcome to Oak Valley!

Photographs of a Miniature Early 1900's Town in Winter


The Suffragettes


We are so immersed in the 2016 presidential election, I thought I would highlight the suffrage movement in the early 1900’s.  I used  a billboard from a 1915 photograph. In case you can’t read it, it says:

“We Demand an amendment to the United States Constitution Enfranchising Women.”


Oak Valley is in 1912.  It would be another 8 years before women were allowed to vote.



Miss Violet, The Latin Teacher


This is my first attempt at converting a modern figure into an early 1900’s lady. She already wore the hat, which I painted gray with a lavender ribbon. I created a long dress using layers of Elmer’s Glue to lengthen her skirt, and painted it lavender.  It’s not an expert job, but I gained another resident!


Mr. Harvey Smith, Traveling Salesman


I dug Harvey out of the drawer and converted his clothes from summer to winter.  I really appreciate his bored and weary posture, waiting for the streetcar. Harvey will be glad to get home.



weed_feed_P1070904We have a modest dusting of snow in Atlanta today, accompanied by gray skies and high winds.  I would rather transport to Oak Valley! I am loving the new backdrop which gives me so many more opportunities for interesting photographs. The building above is the Weed and Feed.

Driving to Town

Familiar  Faces! red_car_P1070977 Sam and Lillie Colt in the first motorcar  in Oak Valley.