HO Scale Diorama & Christmas Village

First Post New Blog

I’ve been getting acquainted with my new camera and have had such a good time photographing my diorama, I thought I’d start a blog for it.  I’ve never seen these people at street level!

The town is Christmas/Winter themed, but it is displayed on a permanent table all year.   It is nine city blocks.  The buildings are  inexpensive ceramic houses and shops that I’ve collected over about 20 years, and they are NOT  true H.O.  Scale models.   My apologies to the model railroaders out there who will be offended by the lack of detail in the buildings!  However, it’s still a magical place for me, especially late in the afternoon when the lights are on. 

Most of the people, horses and carriages are Preiser H.O. Scale.  I think I have collected every figure made in Preiser’s early 1900 period collection.   I’ve tried my hand at a few kits for carriages, but I have little aptitude! I think modeling is a guy thing!

For anyone who is not familiar with H.O. scale figures, I plucked  the  gentleman below who was waiting for his taxi. As you can see, he was  disgruntled.  The adults are about one inch or under.  The babies and young children are about half an inch or smaller.  I have lost a few cats along the way, as they tend to stick to my fingers when I’m trying to place them into the town.  Generally, I have to use tweezers.  


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