HO Scale Diorama & Christmas Village

The Village Display

Here’s a photograph of the entire town of Oak Valley.  The table is 6′ x 4′.  The sides are plexiglas panels.   The street lights never have been wired to an electrical grid because I’m too ignorant to do it.  I also tried to light the Christmas tree at the park, and broke the wire.   One day I’ll finish this project!

I mentioned in my first post that I am by no means a serious hobbiest when it comes to this miniature town.   I began collecting random ceramic buildings for Christmas decorations about 20 years ago, and the early 1900’s Preiser people, carriages and wagons, and animals came later.  Local model train stores carried very few of the  period figures, so I purchased most on the Internet and filled in with a few “cheats” (not specifically the same time period, but OK for my purpose). 

I have successfully built a few wagons and vans, and have a basket full of unopened kits for early carriages and automobiles.  I find model building  tedious and intimidating.   My last failed attempt was a horse-drawn hearse.  I’d love to try it again one day.   I closed up the van without putting the coffin inside!

Anyway, please don’t shoot me because my buildings don’t look real and are not HO Scale!  My people deserve better, but we’ve learned to “make do” with what we have.


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