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The Shoe Shiners

I took the first photo  in very low light (rainy day) with the village lights on, and the other with a combination of artificial lighting to look more like bright daylight.  This is a Woodland Scenics group, and I had to work on the clothing of the shoe shiners to make them fit with a vintage theme.  I wish the detail on the shoe shine box showed more in the photo, because it’s really nicely detailed with brass foot rests. I don’t know if it shows in the photos, but the customer on the right is holding a cup of coffee.  Nice touch!


Christmas Eve in Oak Valley

Peace on Earth and Good Will To Men.    I couldn’t resist these last evening photographs on Christmas Eve.   I had the oil painting decades before the Christmas village, but always thought they looked lovely together.  On Christmas Day a new group of people will move to Oak Valley, so check back on December 25th! 

Christmas Carols in the Square

Chooral Group in Christmas Village

What is Christmas without carols?    Over time, I’m sure that Oak Valley’s newly formed choir will grow in members and audience, so the sidewalk may need to expand into a small plaza. 

This was difficult to photograph, being in the middle of the town and not getting much natural light.  I cannot get intimate views by using a tripod and zoom lens, so usually I set the camera on a small box or directly on the ground to get the closeups.   What I sacrifice is range, but I’m OK with that.  More than just documenting the figures and the scene, I prefer to create an atmosphere.

The one below was taken from the other side of the park.

Drexel Street Looking North

A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS  TO ALL!     This may be my last post before Christmas.  I have a group of new townspeople wrapped and under my Christmas tree, and I’ll photograph it when it is added to the town.   It is Woodland Scenics, not Preiser, and I had to do a little tweaking to make it fit into the vintage theme.  However, it’s a very interesting vignette, and I’m excited to welcome it to Oak Valley.  Soooo….check back after Christmas for that addition.

I’m also seriously considering creating a choir/caroling group.  Preiser has a large men’s chorus, but it is far larger and more modern than I can use.  I have an idea of pulling something together using the Preiser 1900’s series.   I  wish Preiser would create new winter figures for that series! 

After Christmas, I plan to wreak havoc in the town, lighting the remaining buildings and doing general clean up and rearranging.  At that point, I may roll the table out into the middle of the room to photograph it from a different perspective.

I’ve continued to think about a background for the long side that is against the wall, but can’t come up with anything that looks right.  I don’t want to detract from the town, and the HO scale backgrounds from photographs are too realistic to be compatible.  I’ve thought about painting a simple background in watercolor, or using mirrors to make the town look like it goes on forever.

Going To See Santa

Grandma promised, and tonight’s the night!

Delivery Wagon on Main Street

The English Teacher

All of the girls have a crush on the English teacher!