HO Scale Diorama & Christmas Village

Mr. Goodrich from the Bank

I have had this figure for several years, but with his light beige summer suit and straw hat, I felt that he couldn’t be incorporated into the Christmas town. I decided to paint his jacket loden green and his trousers brown so that I could get by with bringing him into the diorama. I left his hat as it was.  I think he looks quite jaunty!

I’ve been using a reproduction 1902 Sears Roebuck catalogue and old photos as a reference.  In the early 1900’s men wore a variety of clothing, including neck ties and bow ties, various length and style jackets, many styles of hats, and pullover sweaters.   I’ve left my little boys in the park in their original long pants, but it appears that little boys almost always wore short pants and stockings, and only in their teens began to wear long pants.  Likewise, little girls wore short dresses with stockings (black in winter, white in summer), and migrated to ankle length dresses as young ladies, and full length as women.


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