HO Scale Diorama & Christmas Village

Drexel Street Looking North

A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS  TO ALL!     This may be my last post before Christmas.  I have a group of new townspeople wrapped and under my Christmas tree, and I’ll photograph it when it is added to the town.   It is Woodland Scenics, not Preiser, and I had to do a little tweaking to make it fit into the vintage theme.  However, it’s a very interesting vignette, and I’m excited to welcome it to Oak Valley.  Soooo….check back after Christmas for that addition.

I’m also seriously considering creating a choir/caroling group.  Preiser has a large men’s chorus, but it is far larger and more modern than I can use.  I have an idea of pulling something together using the Preiser 1900’s series.   I  wish Preiser would create new winter figures for that series! 

After Christmas, I plan to wreak havoc in the town, lighting the remaining buildings and doing general clean up and rearranging.  At that point, I may roll the table out into the middle of the room to photograph it from a different perspective.

I’ve continued to think about a background for the long side that is against the wall, but can’t come up with anything that looks right.  I don’t want to detract from the town, and the HO scale backgrounds from photographs are too realistic to be compatible.  I’ve thought about painting a simple background in watercolor, or using mirrors to make the town look like it goes on forever.


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