HO Scale Diorama & Christmas Village

Vehicles – Matchbox vs. HO Scale

In 1903 an automobile would have been  a rare sight in a small town,  with  horses and buggies being the main mode of transportation.   By 1910, you might have seen an equal number of automobiles on the road. 

I have been a little enchanted by the Matchbox “Models of Yesteryear” series, particularly the early 1900’s models.   I read quite a few comments online about using Matchbox cars in an HO Scale train layout, and some felt that if it looked OK, it was up to the “Creator.”  However, I couldn’t find a  photograph comparing similar vehicles in the HO (1/87) and Matchbox (usually 1/64) scales.  

I found a couple of c1911 Matchbox cars (albeit missing the front seats) for the cost of a hamburger and free shipping, so  I ordered them.    I didn’t expect them to work in Oak Valley, but I sure wish they had!    Clearly, I’ll have to tackle the boxed kits that I’ve had for years  to get my true HO scale motor cars.    I’m excited about the prospect but utterly intimidated by the project. Maybe, next Christmas?



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