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New Sled!

Grandpa Stenger and Nick.  This was first published in 2014, and I am adding a new (2015) photo (directly below) with the new backdrop and newly painted buildings.







Skaters in the Park

I don’t think I ever got a great picture of the frozen pond and skaters, so here’s a new one for 2014.


Sister Mary Claire, Home for a Holiday Visit


Mrs. Sabin takes little Daisy for an Afternoon Stroll


I am pleased with how this scene turned out. I have been unable to find a vintage baby carriage, so purchased a modern mother and child (Preiser brand), and set about making the carriage look more vintage. Many baby carriages in the early 1900’s were wicker. Most had two large wheels and two small wheels, or all four large. All I could do was paint the inner carriage to look like wicker.  The baby is really a toddler, so I had to determine whether it would be a boy or a girl. You can’t see the detail in this photo, but I gave her white fur trim on her coat, and black boots. I love the peacefulness of this scene.

Below is a photo of the original mother and child in the box, and one of the real Daisy Sabin on her sister Mary’s lap, around 1875.


Modern Mom and Baby



Mary and Daisy