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A Horse By Any Other Name….


The horse on the left came with a farm wagon. The one on the right is part of a typical kit – nicely proportioned, but very light weight and fragile.  The horse in the middle is Preiser brand. The weight, the detail in the mold, and the hand painting is incomparable.


Deserted City in Winter


Oh, my gosh!   The early spring cleaning may last until summer!  After removing all the loose snow, I realized two things:

(1) my plaster hills were cracking, and one was actually pulling away from the base.  I have been applying Elmer’s Glue to all the hills for a week. When I’m satisfied, I’ll repaint.

(2) I’m going to have to crawl around under the table to re-route some of the wiring. It was not so difficult years ago with a helper and  pre-shoulder fracture!   This is when I feel isolated from the typical HO Scale collectors…aka, “The Train People.”  I wish I had a buddy to give advice and work along side!

At least I have made progress in drilling the holes to light the last buildings. The buildings are just a backdrop for the people, but I’m taking a little time to touch-up paint.  If all goes well, there will be several new houses, a restaurant with a plaza, and maybe a little stream. Stay tuned!

Early Spring Cleaning


Sunrise in February

Febrary Morning

Dedicated to friends and family in the Northeast and Midwest