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A Visit With the Mounted Policeman and His Horse


Before and after the backdrop, taken one year apart.


The Renovations … A Project Overdue!

This round of renovations began with a general clean-up. The town is not covered, so the same dust that appears on table tops and bookcases also settles in the town.  Pulling out every building and figure, rinsing and drying them, began a much more involved task.  I’ve learned so many lessons over the years. A few things I NEVER would do again:

(1) Use a paper mache product to build hills. Don’t do it!

(2) Use flat paint for a snow covered ground

(3) Bury the ground, the streets and the people  with mounds of snow (There is no such thing as HO Scale snow!)

(3) Glue trees in place (Much better to drill holes and “plant” the trees! Then, you can pull them up and get them out of the way for renovations!) I figured that out a couple of years ago, but in this clean-up, those pesky trees were jabbing me with their pointed little branches!

The good news is that renovation is OVER!!!  I vacuumed up all the snow, painted the ground in a satin finish, so it now has a natural sheen of reflective snow and wet pavement, I planted a few more trees, and created a wooded area with a meandering stream behind the country inn.

mar_3_15_1 mar_3_15_2 stream1_3_3_15

Lunch First. Oak Valley Renovation Tales to Follow!

The restaurant has been relocated across from the Protestant church, and is a very popular place for Sunday lunch!after_church1