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Cobb & Company Delivery Van


I enjoy acquiring used items and repairing and painting them. This Cobb & Company delivery waggon stumped me. It was unpainted. It does not have a hitch for a horse, but clearly is not a motorized van..The horse I felt would work best did not have a bridle, so this is my first MESSY attempt at creating a bridle. I’ll do better next time! I did not have a figure that would work as a driver,  I purchased a new set of Preiser “workmen”  I painted this driver with a green company jacket and black pants.  I left his shoes brown. Over all, I’m pleased.


Miss Ruby


Miss Ruby (with parasol) and Miss Violet. Miss Ruby owns a thriving “establishment”  on the outskirts of town. This scene is from bits and pieces – an empty carriage, horses with no harnesses, and an innocent jockey repainted and recruited as Miss Ruby’s driver.

First Motor Car In Oak Valley!


I have had a couple of kits for early automobiles for years, but have not yet tackled them. I bought this car cheap on ebay, along with bits and pieces of other HO scale projects.  It was constructed but not painted. It is difficult to paint after construction, but not impossible.  I used several coats of paint with a high gloss acrylic top coat. It took awhile, but I am so pleased with the outcome.  I referred to http://www.earlyamericanautomobiles.com/ , I was not able to identify this automoble. If anyone finds a match, please let me know!