HO Scale Diorama & Christmas Village

Building Maintenance Specialist!

post_office_60515 ov_60515_1

Because these dollar store buildings were designed to be nothing more than Christmas decorations, exterior walls and roofs were translucent.  Also, some of the older buildings dating back to the 80s have very small front doors. This week, I worked my way through most of the buildings to make any possible improvements (some buildings are just place holders until I find something that works better, but I’m quite fond of others).

I started by painting everything except the “glass” windows and doors in black paint to cut the translucency. In some cases, it took three coats of black, and then several coats to cover the black! Not my favorite project!   Obviously undersized doors were visually enlarged by painting the door and surround the same color, and in some cases, I converted solid doors to glass, which are very pretty at night.

The Post Office was completely repainted in new colors, and a flag pole and 1912 flag added (Arizona and New Mexico became states in 1912). The result of the renovations is added detail and contrast in daytime, and more believable buildings at night.  It was well worth the time. I don’t look for perfection – just something that is pleasing to my eye.

Coming back December 24, 2016 to add a new photograph of the hotel on Drexel Street featuring the background.



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