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After The Funeral

For awhile, I have been considering a patio in the church yard, and I just painted it  under the existing tree, and added a drive into the yard.  I really like the added color and dimension. funeral_patio_lg


Mr. Miller’s Ambush

I enjoy seeing the transformation when a new citizen is placed in a natural situation.  Poor Mr. Miller is chopping firewood, unaware that he’s about to be pounded with snowballs.  They remind me of the boys in the neighborhood where I grew up!

The Fountain

The Fountain is the result  of a boring Saturday night, when I decided to wreak havoc to the traffic patterns of Oak Valley.   I save bottle and jar lids, just in case I find a use for them. I just messed around with lid sizes and colors, and did a little painting.  I will look for a more historically accurate  Oak Valley “Founding Father” statue, because this part of Illinois was not settled by white people until the early 1830s.  I hope to update soon!fountain_1_sm

Just stopping by to say that I have ordered a small bottle of Woodland Scenic’s new Realistic Water in blue. The large bottle was ridiculously expensive for the little bit that I need. I look forward to trying it out. Since the fountain is made from bottle caps, I don’t have much to lose!  When you next visit, I hope it will be in place.