HO Scale Diorama & Christmas Village


The New Water Feature


FINALLY…I found the right bits and pieces to create a well proportioned water feature in the center of town!   The pool is the plastic end cap of a mailing tube. The Realistic Water took a few thin applications to get the realistic effect.  I am really pleased!  I am always looking for features that will work in a 1912 town, and “used and cheap” are my favorite things!


The Green Taxi

I love finding previously owned figures at bargain prices.  I had to do a little construction, and painted the cab dark “Thicket” green with antique gold seat and wheel spokes.  What would have cost $35+ new, I got for $14.00!

green_taxi_2_P1100057 green_taxi_night_P1100055

The Carousel


This is why I save jar lids and bottle tops!  It’s not perfect, but I enjoyed using cheap horses which had been in a drawer for years, and combining them with odds and ends to make a new feature for the town.  It appears rather large, but it is because the original buildings are smaller than HO Scale. I think I’ll bring the carousel out now and then.


Windy Day!


Back to School


The Johnson Family



Oak Valley is an imaginary small town in northeast Illinois in 1912, and I like to believe that in 1912 there was a small, but growing, black middle class in Oak Valley.  All manufactures of HO scale figures include black and Asian figures.  Early 1900s figures are becoming scarce, and there are NO black figures in this era.  I have “converted” several individual figures over the years, but always longed for a middle class African American family for Oak Valley.  I need a little more practice with color, but  hope to have more AA residents in the future. I took this photo in the middle of town, so it is fairly dark.  Here’s an image of the daughter, Emeline. Johnson_Daughter

Mr. Miller’s Ambush

I enjoy seeing the transformation when a new citizen is placed in a natural situation.  Poor Mr. Miller is chopping firewood, unaware that he’s about to be pounded with snowballs.  They remind me of the boys in the neighborhood where I grew up!