HO Scale Diorama & Christmas Village


The New Water Feature


FINALLY…I found the right bits and pieces to create a well proportioned water feature in the center of town!   The pool is the plastic end cap of a mailing tube. The Realistic Water took a few thin applications to get the realistic effect.  I am really pleased!  I am always looking for features that will work in a 1912 town, and “used and cheap” are my favorite things!


The Opera

I don’t know how this did not get posted, but it adds some interest after the holidays. In the 30+ years I have collected Preiser HO scale figures for Oak Valley, I never had seen this group of bridesmaids and groomsmen. I purchased them online (used) right before Christmas 2017.  Since all are dressed in formal clothing, I just added a little glam to the women’s evening dresses. The minister was moved to the Protestant church.




Santa at the Toy Store


The Green Taxi

I love finding previously owned figures at bargain prices.  I had to do a little construction, and painted the cab dark “Thicket” green with antique gold seat and wheel spokes.  What would have cost $35+ new, I got for $14.00!

green_taxi_2_P1100057 green_taxi_night_P1100055

The Carousel


This is why I save jar lids and bottle tops!  It’s not perfect, but I enjoyed using cheap horses which had been in a drawer for years, and combining them with odds and ends to make a new feature for the town.  It appears rather large, but it is because the original buildings are smaller than HO Scale. I think I’ll bring the carousel out now and then.

Old Friends




Windy Day!