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The Johnson Family



Oak Valley is an imaginary small town in northeast Illinois in 1912, and I like to believe that in 1912 there was a small, but growing, black middle class in Oak Valley.  All manufactures of HO scale figures include black and Asian figures.  Early 1900s figures are becoming scarce, and there are NO black figures in this era.  I have “converted” several individual figures over the years, but always longed for a middle class African American family for Oak Valley.  I need a little more practice with color, but  hope to have more AA residents in the future. I took this photo in the middle of town, so it is fairly dark.  Here’s an image of the daughter, Emeline. Johnson_Daughter


Cobb & Company Delivery Van


I enjoy acquiring used items and repairing and painting them. This Cobb & Company delivery waggon stumped me. It was unpainted. It does not have a hitch for a horse, but clearly is not a motorized van..The horse I felt would work best did not have a bridle, so this is my first MESSY attempt at creating a bridle. I’ll do better next time! I did not have a figure that would work as a driver,  I purchased a new set of Preiser “workmen”  I painted this driver with a green company jacket and black pants.  I left his shoes brown. Over all, I’m pleased.

First Motor Car In Oak Valley!


I have had a couple of kits for early automobiles for years, but have not yet tackled them. I bought this car cheap on ebay, along with bits and pieces of other HO scale projects.  It was constructed but not painted. It is difficult to paint after construction, but not impossible.  I used several coats of paint with a high gloss acrylic top coat. It took awhile, but I am so pleased with the outcome.  I referred to http://www.earlyamericanautomobiles.com/ , I was not able to identify this automoble. If anyone finds a match, please let me know!

Lunch First. Oak Valley Renovation Tales to Follow!

The restaurant has been relocated across from the Protestant church, and is a very popular place for Sunday lunch!after_church1

Restaurant Delivery


Mrs. Sabin takes little Daisy for an Afternoon Stroll


I am pleased with how this scene turned out. I have been unable to find a vintage baby carriage, so purchased a modern mother and child (Preiser brand), and set about making the carriage look more vintage. Many baby carriages in the early 1900’s were wicker. Most had two large wheels and two small wheels, or all four large. All I could do was paint the inner carriage to look like wicker.  The baby is really a toddler, so I had to determine whether it would be a boy or a girl. You can’t see the detail in this photo, but I gave her white fur trim on her coat, and black boots. I love the peacefulness of this scene.

Below is a photo of the original mother and child in the box, and one of the real Daisy Sabin on her sister Mary’s lap, around 1875.


Modern Mom and Baby



Mary and Daisy


Shopping for the Christmas Tree